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hemasoutreach-50-piyawaraහේමාස් තම 50 වැනි පියවර පෙරපාසල පසුගිය දා අනුරාධපුර සියඹලාව ග්‍රාමයේ දී විවෘත කරන ලදී. “පියවර” යනු හේමාස් හෝල්ඩින්ග්ස් සමාගම ළමා සංවර්ධන හා කාන්තා කටයුතු අමාත්‍යංශය හා එක්ව ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ අති දුෂ්කර ගම්මානයන්හි දරුවන් ගේ මුල් ළමාවිය සංවර්ධනය වෙනුවෙන් දියත් කර ඇති තිරසාරාත්මක පෙර පාසල් ව්‍යාපෘතියකි. (more…)


hemasoutreach-49-piyawara-monaragalaPiyawara touches the lives of the children in Siyabalanduwa, an under-served community in the Monaragala District with the construction of its 49th pre-school and adds another Piyawara pre-school to the national network. (more…)


hemasoutreach-48-piyawara-vavuniyaPiyawara touches the lives of the children in Mahakachchakodiya, an under-served community in the Vauviniya District with the construction of its 48th pre-school and adds another Piyawara pre-school to the national network. (more…)








hemasoutreach-45-piyawara-mannarPiyawara touches the lives of the children in Thalladi, an underserved community in the Mannar District with the construction of its 45th pre-school and adds another Piyawara pre-school to the national network. (more…)


hemasoutreach_anuradhapura_vavuniyaThe foundation stones were laid for the 45th and 46th ‘Piyawara’ community pre-schools in Diviyaudabandawewa in Anuradhapura District and Neriyakulam in Vavuniya District. The Sri Lanka Army have undertaken the construction of the schools and will complete construction of both schools by July 2018. (more…)


‘Piyawara’ Unveils Newly Refurbished Child Care Centre at Welikada Prison Complex
The Hemas Outreach Foundation (HOF) unveiled the newly refurbished Child Care Center on 04th of February at the Welikada prison complex The ‘Piyawara Singithi Dinya’. is a special project aimed at empowering the lives of children under the age of five years living with their mothers at the Welikada prison for no fault of their own. There are approximately 15 – 20 children between the ages of three months and five years on average who are compelled to reside with their mothers in a separate prison ward under appalling conditions. (more…)


Piyawara opens 44th preschool in Bogaswewa, Vavuniya
Kids move from mud hut to a fully equipped Preschool
image002The 44th Hemas Piyawara preschool was ceremonially declared open on 30th October 2017 in Bogaswewa Vavuniya by Mr. Shaktha Amaratunga, Trustee of the Hemas Outreach Foundation /Group Director Hemas Holdings PLC, together with Security Forces Commander Wanni, Major General Kumudu Perera.

The residents of the Bogaswewa area were resettled post war under difficult conditions. The average income of a family is approx. Rs. 4,000/- a month which is a clear indication of the level of extreme poverty they live in. The children of the area were attending a preschool with barely any facilities, which resulted in their parents hesitating to send their children here to receive their early education.

With the opening of the new school however, a huge need in the area is now addressed with the total number of preschool children increasing to 57. (more…)


hemasoutreach_42-43The 42nd and 43rd ‘Piyawara’ community preschools were ceremonially declared open in Dehikindagama and Mahasenpura by the Hemas Outreach Foundation (HOF) Chairperson, Mr. Abbas Esufally on 21st October 2017. A warm welcome and colourful event was organized by the surrounding community. The ceremony was also graced by the trustees of HOF, Mrs. Sue Evans and Mrs. Azira Esufally.

The areas for the Piyawara preschools were carefully selected upon identifying that the children in their vicinities did not have a preschool all these years and had, in the meantime, occupied the village community center and the temple premises with bare minimum facilities to conduct their activities. Most children who attended these schools come from underprivileged communities in the area. Monaragala district is considered as one of the poorest districts in Sri Lanka and the HOF selected these locations with the guidance and direction given by the Children’s Secretariat of the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs.


Hemas ‘Piyawara Singithi Diriya’ Prison Project to Enrich & Empower Children
In partnership with the Ministry of Women & Child Affairs and Welikada Prison Authorities
hemasoutreach_Piyawara-Singithi-DiriyaColombo, Monday 28 August 2017: The Hemas Outreach Foundation (HOF), in collaboration with the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs of Sri Lanka and the Welikada Prison Authorities, launched ‘Piyawara Singithi Diriya’, a special project aimed at empowering the lives of children under the age of five years living with their mothers at the Welikada prison for no fault of their own. The event took place in the presence of the Foundation Trustees, Foundation Brand Ambassador, Mr. Roshan Mahanama and employees of Hemas Holdings PLC.


Hemasoutreach_44_PiyawaraThe foundation stone for the 44th PIYAWARA pre-school was laid in Salalihinigama in Bogaswewa (Vavuniya district) by Hemas Outreach Foundation. The village is extremely underdeveloped with very high levels of poverty. The average income of a family is approximately Rs. 5000/- a month and that too with the bare minimum.


Hemasoutreach_42nd_43rd_PIYAWARAThe Foundation stones were laid for two PIYAWARA Pre-Schools in the Monargala District last week. The 42nd school will be built in a rural village in Mahasenpura which is under the Buttala Divisional Secretariat.


hemasoutreach_41st-Piyawara-Preschool-Monaragala View Virtual Tour
The children of Maduruketiya in rural Monaragla District are now equipped with a community preschool with all facilities. Due to the non-availability of a proper facility, these children did not go to a preschool or had to trek miles to the nearest village.


hemasoutreach_piyawara-annual-teacher-training2015The Piyawara annual teacher training program was held in Jaffna from 5th to 8th August 2015. Over a hundred teachers from all Piyawara Centres island wide attended this four day residential program along with Ministry officials.


image001Hemas Piyawara set foot to build the 41″ Piyawara Pre-school in Maduraketiya, Monaragala, last Thursday, 14th of May 2015. The foundation stone laying ceremony took place in the Maduruketiya Village, in the presence of Ms. Shiromi Masakorala, Executive Director of Hemas Outreach Foundation and Mt Upali layasekera, Divisional Secretary of the Monaragala Divisional Secretariat together with the Grama Niladhari, religious leaders and the community.



Hemas Piyawara Wins JASTECA CSR Gold AWARD 2014

Seen in the picture Ms. Shiromi Masakorala, Head of Group Sustainability & Corporate Communications, Hemas Holdings PLC receiving the award from H.E. Mr.Nobuhinto Hobo, Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka at the awards gala on Saturday 21st of February 2015.

Japan Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association (JASTECA) is a non profit service organization, established in 1984 and functions as the alumni of the Overseas human Resources & Industry Development Association (HIDA) Japan.


hemasoutreach_christmasThe story of Hemas Christmas Spirit!!!
Sharing your love all the way to Jaffna


‘Top Community Care Company in Asia 2014’ and ‘Best CSR Campaign of the Year’

Piyawara, the flagship CSR initiative of the Hemas Group was crowned last Wednesday (26 Nov) night at the prestigious Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards 2014 (ACES) at the Fairmount Hotel in Singapore.

Piyawara emerged overall winner in two categories – ‘Top Community Care Companies in Asia 2014’ and ‘Best CSR Campaign – Community Care’ winning from numerous entries across several Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Hong Kong and Vietnam.