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Piyawara opens 44th preschool in Bogaswewa, Vavuniya
Kids move from mud hut to a fully equipped Preschool
image002The 44th Hemas Piyawara preschool was ceremonially declared open on 30th October 2017 in Bogaswewa Vavuniya by Mr. Shaktha Amaratunga, Trustee of the Hemas Outreach Foundation /Group Director Hemas Holdings PLC, together with Security Forces Commander Wanni, Major General Kumudu Perera.

The residents of the Bogaswewa area were resettled post war under difficult conditions. The average income of a family is approx. Rs. 4,000/- a month which is a clear indication of the level of extreme poverty they live in. The children of the area were attending a preschool with barely any facilities, which resulted in their parents hesitating to send their children here to receive their early education.

With the opening of the new school however, a huge need in the area is now addressed with the total number of preschool children increasing to 57. (more…)


hemasoutreach_42-43The 42nd and 43rd ‘Piyawara’ community preschools were ceremonially declared open in Dehikindagama and Mahasenpura by the Hemas Outreach Foundation (HOF) Chairperson, Mr. Abbas Esufally on 21st October 2017. A warm welcome and colourful event was organized by the surrounding community. The ceremony was also graced by the trustees of HOF, Mrs. Sue Evans and Mrs. Azira Esufally.

The areas for the Piyawara preschools were carefully selected upon identifying that the children in their vicinities did not have a preschool all these years and had, in the meantime, occupied the village community center and the temple premises with bare minimum facilities to conduct their activities. Most children who attended these schools come from underprivileged communities in the area. Monaragala district is considered as one of the poorest districts in Sri Lanka and the HOF selected these locations with the guidance and direction given by the Children’s Secretariat of the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs.