Child Protection


The Hemas Outreach Foundation has also formed a strong partnership with the Sri Lanka Police and the Children’s Secretariat of the Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs, thereby strengthening its efforts to assist the ongoing national campaign to raise awareness and increase training in the protection from and prevention of child abuse.

All Piyawara teachers have been made aware of the dangers of child abuse and the disastrous repercussions it has on one’s psychological development. As parallel measure older children are also gradually being made aware of how to handle such situations and alert their elders. This is as important an area in the Piyawara curriculum as is the formal educational training. Making it an all-inclusive endeavor, awareness and training are also extended to police officers of the respective areas, family members, village elders and local clergy. National television has been a great assistance in disseminating this message across the country thought special awareness programmes.