Community Awareness


Piyawara also goes a step further and involves the children’s immediate families and the communities they live in.

Parental awareness programmes are also conducted in the schools and communities. Children spend only four hours at school. The balance is spent with their families. It is therefore important that parents understand the importance of early childhood development as a foundation for a child’s journey ahead. Awareness programs are based on the psychological development of children and how adults should behave, with programs even conducted on national television.

A special 20 minute docu-drama called ‘Daru Petiyage Lokaya’ (A Child’s World) was developed to educate the public on the importance of early childhood development. These DVDs are used by the Ministry to educate young parents around the country. Snippets are also aired on local radio channels as the ‘Thought for the Day’. Similarly a supplementary handbook was printed in both the Sinhala and Tamil languages and distributed free of charge to young parents and at all maternal clinics across the country.

Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) are formed at all Piyawara Pre-Schools. The initial capital donated to the Association is used to grow the fund for the maintenance of the schools. Very often the adults readily volunteer and get involved in the running of the respective pre-schools.

Daru Petiyage Lokaya