Emergency Intervention


We focus on children during natural or man-made disasters.

When the Tsunami hit Sri Lanka in 2004, we immediately set up temporary pre-schools and play areas in 29 make-shift camps thus addressing the emotional needs of these vulnerable, displaced children. Going a step further we also launched a massive pre-school development programme.

The post-war era saw many traumatised children in the make-shift camps at Menik Farm. Together with the Children’s Secretariat, we set up pre-schools and play areas to keep them occupied even under difficult circumstances.

Under this programme, teachers were selected from the community and special training provided to them on handling traumatised children. They were supervised by Ministry officials while all required material was provided by us. The most powerful healing process for children facing trauma is play. We thus provide all facilities for these children so that they may have play areas where they can interact with their peers. Other special therapeutic methods such as art therapy and play therapy are used to help these children.