Infrastructure Development


The constant improvement of infrastructure development also plays a critical role in the sustainability of the Piyawara model in Sri Lanka. Model pre-schools are added to the national network while existing schools are upgraded to meet minimum standards. The latest addition to this concept is the Piyawara Community Pre-Schools built for rural marginalised communities.

Piyawara Model Pre-Schools – These accommodate 75 to 100 children and are located in cities or developped villages with easy access. This model has three to four classrooms, a teacher’s office, storage facility, sick room and junior toilets. These model centres have been classified as ‘learning centres’ for other schools in the area and remain a model.

Piyawara Community Pre-Schools – These accommodate upto 50 children and are located in very remote areas giving pre-school access to marginalised communities who have neither electricity nor pipe-borne water. This model consists of two classrooms and two toilets with a tube well.