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Thank you for your generous contribution this season. The pictures tell it all….. Our aim was to collect 500 gifts, however, we were successful in collecting 870 gifts with all your support. The gifts were collected by the Sri Lanka Army and they organized Christmas parties in Kilinochchi, Mulativue, Ambalnagar, Pudukuduirppu and Vishwamadu. Sorry for the delay in sending this mail to you as we had to postpone some of the Christmas parties in the Northern areas due to bad weather.

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We have selected 500 kids between the ages of 3-5 years from the resettled villages of Mulativue and Kilinochchi to share the joy of this season.

These little children are not fortunate as you and I. They are still coming to terms with the trauma they experienced and trying hard to build their lives. You have an opportunity to make them smile with a little gift during this festive season.

We will be setting up an Angel Christmas tree at the lobby by mid-November in order to collect the gifts in advance as we plan to dispatch them by 6th December 2012. The value of your gift can range from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 1000/- .

Details to follow…

Please join us to make this effort a success and give them back the smile they deserve.

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A variety of hand-made cards by the differently-abled children from the Hambantota “Ape Patawnta Piyawarak” school will now be on sale at Hemas House. Each card is priced at Rs. 45/-. Extend your support and help us integrate these children into mainstream society. Proceeds from the sale of these cards will be sent directly to the school.
Please contact : Mihirani on 4731731 ext 1166 or email her at e:

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